Core LEDS 12W 1200lm LED Deep downlight with 100mm cutout



  • Residential Lighting: The 12Watt 1200lm LED Deep downlight is perfect for illuminating living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and other residential areas with its concentrated, downward-facing light.
  • Commercial Lighting: This downlight is an ideal lighting solution for commercial spaces such as retail stores, showrooms, and offices, providing bright and focused lighting for specific areas.
  • Accent Lighting: With its deep-set design, the 12Watt 1200lm LED Deep downlight can be used to highlight specific areas or objects, making it an excellent choice for accent lighting.
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting: As an LED downlight, the 12Watt 1200lm LED Deep downlight is an energy-efficient lighting option that can help reduce your energy bills and minimize your environmental impact. Its long lifespan also means less frequent replacements and maintenance costs.

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Product Description:

The 12Watt 1200lm Driven Profound downlight from Center LEDs will move forward you’re lighting. This downlight’s smooth, modern plan and effective brightening come from its energy-saving and naturally neighborly development. Since the light is coordinated downwards by ideals of the deep-set plan, it is perfect for emphasizing specific ranges and cultivating a cozy environment in any space. It could be an ideal lighting arrangement for homes, offices, and commercial spaces since it contains a 100mm cutout and can be fitted into most spaces. The 12Watt 1200lm Driven Profound downlight may be a tried and true and long-lasting lighting choice that’s beyond any doubt to make strides the see and feel of any space. It was outlined and developed in Australia utilizing high-quality materials.

 Product Features:

  • Powered By: High Quality LED
  • Energy-efficient: Power output of just 12 watts.
  • Bright and powerful: Produces 1200 lumens of light.
  • LED Driver included:
  • Input Voltage: 230V AC
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Weight: 115 gm
  • 4 KV SPD (Surge Protection Device) & OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
  • No Flickering & Long Life
  • No UV/IR (Harmful Rays)


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