Core LEDS High Brightness 10W 1000lm LED Downlight 100mm Cutout with square shape and available in Cool White



  • Our High Brightness LED Downlight will brighten any area in your house, including the living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Installation is simple and smooth because to the 100mm cutout and spherical form.
  • Our LED downlight provides strong and effective lighting with a 1000lm output, making it perfect for commercial environments including offices, conference rooms, and retail stores.
  • Our energy-saving and simple-to-install High Brightness LED Downlight will help your hotel, restaurant, or cafe create a warm and friendly ambience.
  • The round design of our LED downlight makes it a versatile option for decorative lighting, providing a bright and aesthetic touch to any room or space with its white light.

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Product Description:

The High Brightness 10Watt 1000lm LED Downlight from Core LEDs will brighten your space. It was developed and manufactured in Australia and has a strong output of 1000lm while using only 10W of electricity, making it a green and affordable lighting solution. This LED downlight is ideal for residences, offices, and commercial buildings because of its simple installation and long lifespan. Core LEDs can help you upgrade to better, more energy-efficient lighting.

Product Features:

  • Powered By: High Quality LED
  • Dust Protected: Yes
  • Energy-efficient: Power output of just 10 watts.
  • Bright and powerful: Produces 1000 lumens of light.
  • LED Driver included:
  • Input Voltage: 230V AC
  • Material: Plastic + Aluminium
  • Weight: 110 gm
  • 4 KV SPD (Surge Protection Device) & OVP (Over Voltage Protection)
  • No Flickering & Long Life
  • No UV/IR (Harmful Rays)


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